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Webbing Tree Strap

Webbing Tree Strap
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The webbing tree strap is light and small to carry, as well as easy to use and life-safety strong. It is 8 ft of tubular webbing with a sewn eye at one end, and a carabiner and adjuster buckle at the other end.


When you’ve climbed to hunting height, stand on a branch or your platform, keeping your lineman’s belt or other lanyard connected as your safety anchor. Fling the carabiner end of the tree strap around the tree trunk and pass it through the eye on the strap. To prevent it slipping down when slack, pass the carabiner through the eye a second time, which adds friction to the system. Then clip the carabiner onto your saddle bridge. Ease your weight into the saddle until you are supported by the tree strap. Then it’s safe to release your lineman’s belt or lanyard.

The webbing tree strap is length-adjustable using the AustriAlpin frame buckle, so you can control your position and your range of motion around the tree. To shorten the strap, pull the webbing tail through the buckle. To lengthen it, lift the edge of the buckle to tip it at right angle to the webbing, then ease the webbing out.

Tubular webbing rated 4000 lbs

AustiAlpin frame buckle rated 4050 lbs

Fusion Essence carabiner rated 5170 lbs

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