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Shrike Back Band

Shrike Back Band
Product Code: ASHBAND
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Price: $27.00

With this band you can add some back support to your Aero Hunter saddle. This accessory can extend your hunting time by boosting your comfort in the tree.

It is a 3” wide Gorilla Mesh band fitted with a long cord tied on one end and with a small carabiner that connects the cord to the other end of the band.

This design allows you to set up or remove the back band without having to open your Tree Strap carabiner. Keeping that carabiner closed and locked is key to your safe connection to the tree.

To set up the Back Band: When you are at hunting height in your tree and attached to your Tree Strap, wrap the band around your back. Pass the small carabiner and cord through the larger carabiner on your Tree Strap, then clip it onto the other end of the back band loop and lean back.

--For a more upright support, shorten the band: pull the cord through the prusik loop on the right.
--For a more laid-back support, lengthen the band: push the prusik knot down the cord.

The Back Band is available in Gorilla Mesh now, and soon in Broadside camo as well. 

IMPORTANT: The Back Band is an add-on to your saddle for comfort purposes only; it is not part of the safety system of the your saddle and must never be used for fall protection or to support your body weight.

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