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Aero Hunter Kite Tree Hunting Kit

Aero Hunter Kite Tree Hunting Kit
Aero Hunter Kite Tree Hunting Kit Aero Hunter Kite Tree Hunting Kit Aero Hunter Kite Tree Hunting Kit Aero Hunter Kite Tree Hunting Kit
Product Code: AHKITM
Availability: Pre-Order
Price: $308.75

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For hunters who are new to tree hunting with a saddle, here is the basic setup to get started with Aero Hunter. If you already have your own tree strap or lineman's belt, you won't need this kit. Instead, just order separately the components you want to complete your tree hunting system.

At the top of this page it says this product availability is "Pre-Order." This means Kite is in production now. By paying for your order now, you secure your place in line for first-come-first-served shipping. Read about our Pre-Order Policy here.

Please note: Due to the huge response to the new products released this season, there will be a delay of about 10 weeks before your order will ship. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


The Kite Kit includes the Kite saddle, a Lineman's Belt for climbing the tree, a Tree Strap for safely connecting to the tree, and a Back Band to extend your comfort options. 

The saddle design is light, strong and comfortable. It is lightly equipped with molle webbing on the belt for attaching your gear. 

The Kite is surprisingly lightweight and compressible. The sling seat is contoured to the shape of your backside, so you can sit in it for hours in comfort. The saddle has an adjustment strap on each side that allows you to balance the pressure of your weight between your thighs and your backside for your best comfort on a long sit.

The bridge on the Kite saddle is an 8 ft length of Samson Predator 7/16 diameter double braid climbing line, tied to the saddle with life-safety figure 8-on-a-bight knots.

The complete kit with all its components weighs under 4 lbs.

IMPORTANT: YOU WILL NEED climbing sticks, steps or ladder attached to the tree to climb on while ascending with a Lineman’s belt. You may also want a platform device to support your feet on the tree, and knee pads for resting against the trunk. We don't sell these, but we are proud to recommend the SteppLadder and Perch from Wild Edge as the perfect companions to Aero Hunter saddles.


The Aero tree strap rope comes in a standard length of 6 feet, with all knots tied. We also offer it in a 12 ft length for an upgrade charge of $5.75. To order the longer rope, please select it from the menu above.

Here's how to choose the best tree strap length for you:

  • Choose the standard 6 ft Tree Strap if you want to carry the minimum useful length, and your hunting trees are 16" diameter or less.
  • If your hunting trees have a diameter greater than 16", go for the longer strap.

It's important to set the tree strap on the trunk so that it does not slip. You can keep it from slipping by:

  • wrapping the rope twice around the trunk, or
  • passing the carabiner end of the rope twice through the loop.


  • Aero Hunter Kite tree climbing saddle made specifically for fall prevention while tree hunting, rated 5000 lbs
  • Bridge is Samson Predator 7/16" diameter double braid climbing line, tensile strength 6,000 lbs
  • Tree strap made of Predator climbing rope for adjustable tree anchor with Fusion double-locking carabiner
  • Lineman's belt made of Predator climbing rope with protective rope sleeve and Fusion double-locking carabiner
  • 10mm accessory cord prusik hitches for secure and adjustable connection to the ropes
  • Aero Hunter Back Band for positionable back support if and where you want it


  • Prevents a fall when set up and used as directed
  • You face the trunk, hiding your presence and controlling your position with your feet
  • You can smoothly and silently move around the trunk to shoot in any direction
  • You can shoot directly below you
  • Comfort and safety while you wait
  • Quiet, low visibility, lightweight
  • Compact, you can hike in wearing it

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