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Aero Hunter Back Band

Aero Hunter Back Band
Aero Hunter Back Band Aero Hunter Back Band
Product Code: AEROBAND
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Price: $27.50

With this band you can add extra back support to your Aero Hunter saddle.

It is a pad on a strap that has small carabiners and prusik loops at both ends. Use the prusik loops to attach it to your Aero Hunter saddle bridge, with the pad around your back. By moving the prusik loops up or down on the rope bridge, you can position the band higher or lower on your back wherever you want extra support above the waist. The straps are adjustable so you can set them to the length you prefer for comfortable support sitting upright or leaning back.

IMPORTANT: The Back Band is an add-on to your saddle for comfort purposes only; it is not part of the safety system of the Aero Hunter saddle and must never be used for fall protection or to support your body weight.


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