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Aero Hunter Lineman's Belt

Aero Hunter Lineman's Belt
Aero Hunter Lineman's Belt
Product Code: AEROLINE
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The Lineman's Belt is used with your saddle and your own climbing sticks or steps, to ascend a tree for hunting.

The Lineman's Belt is a 10 foot length of climbing rope. On one end, the rope is tied to a side D on your saddle belt, using a figure 8 on a bight. On the other end, a prusik friction knot is tied on the rope; there is a stopper knot tied at the end of the rope for security. We provide a double-locking carabiner to be clipped to the eyes on the prusik, to connect the rope to the other D ring on your belt. You can adjust the length of the Lineman's Belt while you're climbing, by pulling the rope through the prusik to shorten it, or by pulling down on the prusik to lengthen it. This is a self-advancing system that works easily using one hand.

Rope: All Gear 24-strand climbing rope, diameter  7/16" (11.2 mm), rated 6300 lbs, in green
Carabiner: Fusion double locking, rated 6000 lbs
Prusik cord: Sterling 8mm Flex Hitch cord, made of Technora/Polyester, strength 29kN (6519 lbs) for secure and adjustable connection to the ropes

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