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Aero Hunter Revolution Climbing/Hunting Harness

Aero Hunter Revolution Climbing/Hunting Harness
Aero Hunter Revolution Climbing/Hunting Harness Aero Hunter Revolution Climbing/Hunting Harness Aero Hunter Revolution Climbing/Hunting Harness Aero Hunter Revolution Climbing/Hunting Harness
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Do you want one saddle that does it all? If you want to climb your hunting tree with rope and harness, and use the same saddle for your sit—with safety and comfort dialed in


The usual hunting saddle these days is based on a fabric or webbing sling for your backside. If it’s a good design, this can be great for a long sit or for leaning out from the trunk for hours. See Aero Hunter Shrike.

But to get up the tree, if you want to switch from your steps or sticks and do rope climbing instead, a sling saddle can be too restricting and uncomfortable for hanging on rope. Join the Revolution in hunting! This harness is superb for any tree climbing purpose.


  • Two separate broad leg loops allow max mobility, where your legs are free to move and maneuver for any climbing challenge. This is better than a sling saddle for climbing. A sling can feel like it binds your legs together, restricting your movement.
  • The belt/leg loops configuration supports you at both waist and thighs, for the best upright posture for rope climbing. 
  • Below the belt in the rear, two additional panels support your backside when you're standing and leaning during a hunt.
  • And what about “hip pinch”?  Unlike every sling saddle, the Revolution leaves your hip bones uncovered, so hip pinch discomfort is impossible.
  • Available in Olive or Broadside camo. Choose your color using the options above.

Infinite fit options:

  • Three sizes: X for youth and smaller adults; 1 for medium adults; 2 for larger adults. Choose your size from the options above.
  • Waist belt buckle is adjustable
  • Leg loop size is adjustable
  • Distance between belt and leg loops is adjustable
  • Position of bridge attachment rigging plates is adjustable. Moving them closer or further from your body lets you customize your balance and comfort hanging in the saddle.
  • Rope bridge can be swapped out for a different length according to your preference. This standard bridge is ideal for any form of rope climbing, but if you like a longer bridge for hunting, you can change it out with a couple of easy stopper knots. Our All Gear rope is in stock and you can buy it by the foot for $1.75/ft.

Rated Safety Components

  • 1” tubular nylon webbing rated 4000 lbs
  • Rigging Plates rated 36kN (8000 lbs)
  • All Gear 11mm (7/16”) climbing rope rated 6300 lbs


  • Hand made by professionals in Oregon, USA
  • In extreme pull tests, our stitching doesn’t break—the webbing breaks first!
  • Both belt and leg loops are lined with semi-rigid webbing for sturdy support that holds its shape.
  • For extended luxury, optional pads can be added to belt, rump and leg loops.
  • Slots are provided along all three belt bands for attaching pockets, pouches and gear loops. They can take Alice clips, Petzl Caritool, Rock Exotica TransPORTER, carabiners, straps, snap tabs and gear ties for full customization of your accessories.
  • There are 3 loops at the top of the belt that work with suspenders, and can also be used for attaching gear.
  • Revolution has no side Ds on the belt. Leg loops, rope bridge and belt connection all come together in a hub at the rigging plates. The larger hole on the plates is free so you can add your lineman's belt or other lanyard to assist in your climbing safety.
  • Suitable for any kind of tree climbing—work, sport or hunting.
  • Works with all Aero Hunter accessories—lineman's belt and tether, pockets, gear loops, molle accessories, lanyards and pads.
  • Weight 2.8 lbs

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