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Aero Hunter Merlin Tree Saddle

Aero Hunter Merlin Tree Saddle
Aero Hunter Merlin Tree Saddle Aero Hunter Merlin Tree Saddle Aero Hunter Merlin Tree Saddle Aero Hunter Merlin Tree Saddle
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The Merlin saddle is just what you’ve asked for: Flex comfort in a mesh saddle. And, it’s built in our new loop-inside-a-loop design.

-- The deep Flex pleat allows the seat to expand to fit you better than other saddle brands. It is the industry leader in hunter comfort, and the first saddle with a pleated seat.

--Custom fit thanks to the loop-inside-a-loop design: you can reposition the bridge and both leg straps in a variety of simple ways, to shift the suspension for personalized comfort

--Adjustable webbing bridge

--Three accessory loops on top of the belt for adding suspenders or attaching other gear

--Cool, breathable mesh fabric

--As always, Aero Hunter’s standard life-safety construction is based on 36 years of experience building harnesses for the tree care industry.

--Proudly made in Oregon, USA


Weight: 2 lbs

Breaking strength: 5000 lbs

Safe working load: 400 lbs

Suggested maximum load, for comfort: 350 lbs. Individual comfort experience may be higher or lower. Try your new saddle in a clean location at home to test for comfort. If it doesn’t suit you, and it’s in new condition, you can return it for a full refund or exchange.


Component Specifications

Belt structure: 1 3/4” nylon parachute webbing 6000 lb

Belt buckle: ADF 1 3/4” Raptor buckle 18kN (4050 lb)

Seat frames and leg straps: 1” tubular nylon webbing 4000 lb

Webbing bridge: 1” nylon milspec flat webbing 5600 lb

Bridge adjuster buckle: alloy steel 4000 lb

Leg strap buckles: ADF 1” Raptor buckles 4000 lb


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