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Aero Hunter Kestrel Flex Tree Saddle

Aero Hunter Kestrel Flex Tree Saddle
Product Code: FLEX
Availability: Pre-Order
Price: $269.00

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The Kestrel Flex saddle is everything the original Kestrel is, with improvements that put it into a whole new class. Below are the features that make the difference.

At the top of this page it says this product availability is "Pre-Order." This means Kestrel Flex is in production now. By paying for your order now, you secure your place in line for first-come-first-served shipping. Read about our Pre-Order Policy here.

Please note: Due to current events, the Aero Hunter production staff is working from home. We're happy to be producing saddles for you, but it's taking longer than usual to get them out the door. If you order today, please be prepared to wait 4-5 weeks for shipment of your order. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Comfort: The Flex seat is a game-changer for hunter comfort. Instead of the flat seat of other saddles, Flex has a deep pleat that allows the seat to expand to fit you better. You can control the amount of expansion to find your personal sweet spot no matter what your shape or posture. You may already know that a saddle is generally more comfortable than sitting on a stand. Still, some hunters feel “hip pinch” or other discomforts in their saddle. When you’re sitting for hours in a Flex, discomfort will not limit your time on a hunt.

Safety: When you’re working with your gear in the dark, the safe tie-in points on your saddle have to be quick and sure to find. We moved the eyes for the lineman’s belt attachment more forward where you can see them. And they’re lined with red webbing marked with reflective tracer threads that you can see in low light conditions. We added the same reflective lining to the saddle bridge loops, too.

Customization: We offer three choices for your saddle bridge. All of these bridges are adjustable so you can customize the length for optimum performance. All versions of these bridges glide smoothly through your tether carabiner.

On the webbing bridges, length adjustment is made with a buckle. You must make your adjustment when there's no weight in the saddle.

On the rope bridge, you can adjust the length of the bridge with one hand,  when your weight is in the saddle.

Webbing bridge, closed—sleek built-in webbing. No bullky metal carabiner. You must step through the bridge when putting saddle on and off.

Webbing bridge, openable—webbing built in on one side and opens with a carabiner on the other side. You can open the bridge to put the saddle on and off.

Rope bridge, openable—rope attached with a spliced eye on one side and a carabiner on the other. Bulkier than webbing, but adjustable on the fly using one hand. You can open the bridge to put the saddle on and off.

Appearance: We offer three camo patterns to suit your environment and your style—ASAT, Predator Fall Grey, and the new Broadside Closer.

Weight: Just under 2 lbs

Breaking strength: 5000 lbs

Safe working load: 500 lbs

Suggested maximum load, for comfort: 350 lbs. Individual comfort experience may be higher or lower. Try your new saddle in a clean location at home to test for comfort. If it doesn’t suit you, and it’s in new condition, you can return it for a full refund.

Component Specifications
Belt structure and seat frame: 1 3/4” nylon parachute webbing 6000 lbs
Belt buckle: ADF 1 3/4” Raptor buckle 18kN (4050 lbs)
Leg straps and webbing bridge: 1” nylon milspec flat webbing 5600 lbs
Leg strap buckles: ADF 1” Raptor buckles 4000 lbs
Carabiner on webbing or rope bridge: Fusion Essence autolocking 28 kN (6300 lbs)
Rope bridge: Samson Predator 11 mm double braid climbing rope 6000 lbs
Prusik cord: Sterling 8mm Flex Hitch cord, made of Technora/Polyester, strength 29kN (6519 lbs) for secure and adjustable connection to the ropes




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