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Aero Hunter Kite Tree Hunting Saddle

Aero Hunter Kite Tree Hunting Saddle
Aero Hunter Kite Tree Hunting Saddle Aero Hunter Kite Tree Hunting Saddle Aero Hunter Kite Tree Hunting Saddle Aero Hunter Kite Tree Hunting Saddle
Product Code: AHKM
Availability: Pre-Order
Price: $189.00

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The Kite tree saddle is sleek and simple like the Kestrel, with all the comfort and safety a tree hunter needs for success in the field.

At the top of this page it says this product availability is "Pre-Order." This means Kite is in production now. By paying for your order now, you secure your place in line for first-come-first-served shipping. Read about our Pre-Order Policy here.

Please note: Due to current events, the Aero Hunter production staff is working from home. We're happy to be producing saddles for you, but it's taking longer than usual to get them out the door. If you order today, please be prepared to wait 4-5 weeks for shipment of your order. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Our goal in creating the Kite was to keep all the best benefits of the Aero Hunter Kestrel saddle, but make it even lighter and cooler:

--Seat is made with cool, lightweight breathable mesh fabric

--just one simple adjustment for a great fit

--smaller, lighter weight metal hardware

--waist belt and leg straps open up for ease putting them on over any kind of clothing. The waist buckle does not separate, but you can unthread the webbing to open it, or let out the webbing to make the waist belt large enough to step through easily.

--rope bridge is tied on, eliminating the carabiner to reduce weight and potential noise from metal parts. You can modify this bridge by adding a carabiner if you want the convenience of being able to open the bridge when taking the saddle on and off. 

----the side loops for connecting the Lineman’s Belt have been positioned more forward for better performance

--16 slots (two rows of 8) of molle webbing for attaching any tools/bags you want to carry on the saddle, now roomier and easier to use

--a variety of optional hooks and rings you can attach to the molle webbing wherever you want them

--even lower price because it’s more efficient to make and the materials are less costly

--weighs only 1 lb 8 oz.

The Kite saddle works with all the Aero Hunter accessories. These can be purchased separately, or together with the saddle in the Kite Kit:

--Lineman’s belt

--Tree strap

--Back band for adjustable, positionable back support


IMPORTANT: YOU WILL NEED climbing sticks, steps or ladder attached to the tree to climb on while ascending with a Lineman’s belt. You may also want a platform device to support your feet on the tree, and knee pads for resting against the trunk. We don't sell these, but an online search will bring you a range of options to choose from.

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