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Video: Tree Climbing Basics

Video: Tree Climbing Basics
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This movie is invaluable as an introduction to Doubled Rope Technique, and as a refresher for students who have completed a training course in this activity.

Our friend Peter Jenkins is the founder of Tree Climbers International and the first school for recreational tree climbing, located in Atlanta, GA. Peter shares his knowledge of trees and safe climbing techniques in this, the first instructional movie about recreational tree climbing.

Included are sequences on:

  • tree selection and risk assessment
  • general rules of safe climbing
  • basic tree climbing gear
  • setting the climbing rope in the tree
  • knots for tree climbing
  • climbing techniques
  • ethics for recreational tree climbers

Viewers must realize that no book or movie alone can cover everything you need to know for safety off the ground. For everyone who is new to climbing, we urge you to seek an experienced instructor for face-to-face training. For more information about tree climbing schools worldwide, see the tree climbing links here.

Combined with good personal instruction, this video will get your tree climbing career off to a great start.

DVD format
Produced by Big Tree Publishing, Atlanta, GA, USA.
1 hour 45 minutes.

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