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Shrike Pocket

Shrike Pocket
Shrike Pocket Shrike Pocket Shrike Pocket
Product Code: ASHPOCKET
Availability: Pre-Order
Price: $27.00

The Shrike Pocket mounts to the molle loops on your saddle waist belt. 

It lies flat when empty and expands to add volume when you load it.

It is easy to attach with secure steel snaps. 

It has a mesh back that’s quiet against the fabric of your saddle, and allows the Pocket to breathe.

There’s room for two on your saddle belt and you can place them wherever you have a pair of molle loops the right distance apart.

It comes in Gorilla Mesh.

A Shrike Pocket is perfect for managing the built-in Lineman’s Belt that comes with the Shrike saddle.  You can tuck your Lineman’s away in the Pocket when not in use, so there’s no webbing dangling during your walk in or your hunt. Then it’s at your fingertips when you want it for climbing down, or anytime you want a backup life-safety lanyard.

These images show the Shrike Pocket installed on a Shrike Size 1 in Gorilla Mesh, and on a Shrike Size X in Broadside. In the photos, the Lineman's Belt carabiner is stowed on an optional accessory Gear Loop. This is another way to make your saddle convenient and well-equipped.


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