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Small Black Bag

Small Black Bag
Product Code: LMUGBK
Availability: In Stock
Price: $27.00

The bag has an external D ring at the rim for attachment to your saddle. The ring is also a good connection point on the bag to tether the contents against an accidental drop. The webbing strap on the outside of the bag serves as a handle, or as a loop that you can slip onto a belt for carrying. Drawstring closure at the top secures the contents. Dimensions are 6" tall by 5" diameter.

Although it can carry anything you want a small bag for, we designed this bag for storage and handling of tree climbers' throwline. Your line pays out smoothly when you throw, and stuffs back in when you're finished. There is a swivel snap hook on the rim, for clipping to your belt while stuffing line. There is an internal webbing loop for tying off the end of your throwline so it won't get away from you as it flies.

Color: Black

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