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Hunting Saddles



Sales of Aero Hunter products are closed. Thanks to all the hunters who are enjoying the quality and safety of our saddles and saddle hunting accessories. We wish you all safe and successful hunts every season. --The Aero Hunter team


Aero Hunter tree hunting equipment allows a hunter to suspend safely from a tree strap on the trunk, wearing a super lightweight and comfortable tree saddle ideal for long hours of sitting. Aero Hunter provides hunting safety tools that replace both a tree stand and a full body harness. 

Our Aero Hunter products are designed to let you freely move about on the tree. From one tie-in point, you can move up or down, side to side, and control distance from the trunk for stability and maneuvering. 

The idea of hunting from a saddle is not new. But unlike any hunting saddle that came before, Aero Hunter saddle designs are comfortable and surprisingly lightweight and compressible. The Shrike sling seat is contoured to the shape of your backside; the Revolution harness supports your waist and thighs for rope climbing as well as sitting. In both, you can customize the fit with a variety of adjustments. You can sit in it for hours in comfort. Our accessories, the Lineman's Belt and Tree Strap, are reliably safe and easy to use. For added comfort, our Back Band is a versatile way to give support for your back just where you want it.


We used to put together starter kits at a discount for folks who are new to tree hunting and want a basic setup. Now, saddle hunting is better known and you can learn a lot online about available gear. You don’t need us to choose it for you. Instead, pick whatever you want from our catalog and get 10% off when your order total comes to $400 or more. To get the discount, use coupon code 400PLUS on the Shopping Cart page at checkout.


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