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Aero Hunter Accessories

In this category you can purchase separately any component of the Aero Hunter system.

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Aero Hunter Lineman's Belt
The Lineman's Belt is used with your saddle and your own climbing sticks or steps, to ascend a tree ..

Aero Hunter Tree Strap
The Aero Hunter Tree Strap is used to create a life-safety anchor on the trunk of a tree.  T..

Aero Hunter Back Band
With this band you can add extra back support to your Aero Hunter saddle. ​ It is a 3” wide we..

Molle Accessories
Molle webbing runs across Aero Hunter saddles at the rear, with 16 slots. You can attach anything yo..

Aero Hunter Gear Bag
This sturdy utility bag measures 9x8 and has a drawstring closure, a tether ring, and a webbing band..

Small Black Bag
The bag has an external D ring at the rim for attachment to your saddle. The ring is also a good con..