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At Aero Hunter we believe in the principle of fair chase that hunting can and should be humane and responsible toward wildlife and the natural environment. The Pope & Young Club was established to promote the practices of fair chase, which it describes this way:

“Simply defined, fair chase is the ethical, sportsmanlike, and lawful pursuit of free-ranging wild game animals in a manner which does not give the hunter an improper or unfair advantage over the animal.”

Often the guidelines are stated in terms of what NOT TO do, as described here  by Pope & Young.

Stating these in a positive way, in terms of what TO do, can be seen here

No matter how you say it, practicing Fair Chase is the way to assure the best hunting experience for all, now and into the future. Quoting again from the Pope & Young Club.

“The fair chase concept…is an attitude and a way of life based in a deep-seated respect for wildlife, for the environment, and for other individuals who share the bounty of this vast continent’s natural resources.”



bowhunter-ed  is produced by Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc., a private organization dedicated to providing hunter education courses and certification and publishing hunter education materials.


Deer Hunting for Beginners from Mother Earth News.
If you’re interested in beginning to hunt deer, start with this introduction to the basics, from tips on choosing a place to hunt to steps for dressing your kill.
Hipsters Who Hunt If you eat meat, eating animals you hunt yourself is a more ethical alternative than eating those from the current industrial agricultural system. This article features guns, but the basic information about deer hunting applies to bow hunting as well.


Search or your favorite reading source and you’ll find plenty of guides about hunting. Example:

Precision Bowhunting  by John and Chris Eberhart

Father-and-son team John and Chris Eberhart share cutting-edge information and advice on hunting whitetail bucks. Packed with vital information and fresh insights, Precision Bowhunting belongs on the bookshelf of every serious bowhunter.