Where can I see Aero Hunter before I decide to buy it?

The Aero Hunter product line is currently sold only through us, by phone or at our online store here. If you want to see and handle the Aero Hunter product line before you buy, our Pro Staff hunters (see list below) might be able to meet up with you.

You can also learn a lot about Aero Hunter by visiting the online forums listed on our Resources page. The hunting community is knowledgeable and friendly, and by posting there you may find a local person who can show you Aero Hunter.

Finally, we have a great return policy. If you buy Aero Hunter and are unhappy with it for any reason, return it to us. If we find that it is in new condition when we get it back, we will accept the return for refund of your purchase price (shipping costs are not refundable).

Pro Staff Hunters

To connect with Pro Staff, please use the email form at Contact Us, and we will forward your message to the person nearest you.

Joe O’Connor, SE Pennsylvania
Bobby Boswell, Utah
Chris Wilson, Central Missouri
Roger Mulrooney, New York/New Jersey
Ian Munnoch, Wisconsin


I both hunt and climb trees. Is there one saddle that works for both?

Although a tree climbing saddle will work for hunting safety, it is not ideal for comfort on long waits the way Aero Hunter is.

A tree climbing saddle is a sit harness designed for climbing on rope. It consists of a waist belt and leg straps. The climber’s weight is supported by hanging upright as if he were sitting in a playground swing. But a tree climber does not spend much time waiting in silence–the saddle also needs to secure the climber’s waist and legs to allow for both support and freedom of movement when actively climbing, descending, and reaching within a tree.

By comparison, hunters tend to spend time leaning back into a hunting saddle, tethered to the trunk above, with feet or knees braced against the tree. The best design for long hours of comfort in that case is a sling to lean back in, not a sit harness. That’s why we make Aero Hunter more like a sling than a seat, for comfort and support the way most hunters will use it. Aero does support the hunter’s waist, seat and legs for safety and movement on the tree, but it is specialized support that provides for long hours of ease that hunters need.

Tree Climbing With Spurs: Yes or No?

wesspurlogoThis material is adapted from an article on Wesspur’s website, used with permission. We highly recommend WesSpur as an excellent source of tree climbing gear and information.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Spur Climbing:

As a technique for climbing trees, spur climbing can be fast and efficient. It does require good technique, practice and physical strength to be truly safe. It is used by loggers and tree care workers, but is only appropriate for use in trees that are being removed, and in emergency aerial rescue situations. This is because spurs damage the tree’s vascular tissue, forming entry points for disease and insects. more…

Aero Hunter Advantages, by John Eberhart

The Aero Hunter Evolution is not another me-too product, it will totally change the way you hunt and dramatically increase your opportunities.

“The Aero Hunter is not another me-too product, it will totally change the way you hunt and dramatically increase your opportunities.”

  • The harness style hunting system is simple and the concept has been used by arborists for years.
  • You sit (with knees bent as in a regular sitting position) in an adjustable, comfortable fabric seat while facing the tree, to which you are securely fastened.
  • Your feet rest on tree-steps spaced around the tree, all at the same level.
  • To shoot, you straighten your legs, which will automatically move your upper body farther from the tree and then lean slightly back to take the shot.
  • You can move around the tree as needed on the additional steps so there are no missed shot opportunities as there are with any conventional stand.

Advantages over conventional hang-on stands, climbers, and ladder stands during hunting set-up