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Joe O’Connor

Southeastern Pennsylvania
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Unlike most hunters, Joe was a latecomer to the world of bowhunting. Having spent most of his younger years immersing himself in guitar playing, he generally avoided sports but became somewhat fascinated with shooting a bow. He went hunting only one time back then and wasn’t very successful.

The years passed as Joe continued with music and eventually discovered amateur kickboxing. After attaining the rank of black belt, competing and becoming an assistant instructor at his gym, he met his soon-to-be wife and found out that her father was an excellent hunter and fisherman. In the summer of 2006, Joe ultimately made the decision to return to bowhunting.

After trying a few treestands and harvesting his first deer, Joe learned about hunting from a saddle in several bowhunting books written by John Eberhart. He purchased a saddle and quickly became a convert to that style of hunting. When the saddle manufacturer appeared to go out of business, Joe searched for a replacement and finally contacted New Tribe to ask if they ever considered making a saddle specifically for hunting.

Casey Jones, product designer at New Tribe, contacted Joe and, together, they exchanged ideas and techniques which led to the development of the first edition of a hunting saddle. Joe even suggested a name for the product and the Aero Hunter system was born.

Joe hails from Southeast PA where he lives with his wife and their two children. He hunts whitetail deer exclusively with bow and arrow during the fall and loves to fly-fish in the spring and summer. Write to Joe with your Pro Staff questions at

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