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Chris Wilson

Central Missouri
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I began bow hunting fifteen years ago after being introduced to it by an uncle. Although I enjoy rifle hunting, especially for squirrels, I prefer bow hunting over all other methods. My cousin, Bobby Boswell, introduced me to the concept hunting out of a saddle several years ago, and in the last three years, I have not used my climbing stands: I hunt deer either out of a saddle or off the ground. Whitetail deer and turkeys are my favorite two animals to bow hunt but I try to launch an arrow or two at squirrels every season. I live in Central Missouri and do most of my hunting in Missouri.

Although I prefer trees that are about 30-40 inches in circumference, I have hunted out of trees that are no larger in diameter than a softball. I am not very picky about the tree I select on a first hunt to an area I tend to focus on getting within twenty yards of good deer sign. After a hunt or two, I often revise my tree selection based upon deer movement, typical wind direction, and optimal entry pathways. Since the Aero is a stand that I wear in, I do not feel overly committed to a tree, and I have found that I am more likely to experiment with my tree selection. When I hunted out of a climber or a hang on, I often over-hunted a bad location because of the hassle of clearing limbs to set up a new tree. My current climbing set up is four Lone wolf sticks and my platform is six of the discontinued Ameristep steps on a ratchet strap. I enjoy the mobility, the light weight, and the packability of the Aero system.

As a pro staff member, I’ll continue posting and answering personal messages on ArcheryTalk and Saddlehunter forums. In addition, I’ll continue to collaborate with Bobby Boswell to develop tips and techniques for hunting out of the Aero. I will also answer questions via email at

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