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Bobby Boswell

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I grew up in Central Missouri and began hunting at the age of 9 and quickly became obsessed with bow hunting. While I attended college in Central Arkansas, where I pursued a degree in Wildlife Biology, I was introduced to saddle hunting and it changed the way I hunted. After obtaining my degree, I relocated to Northern Virginia where I currently reside. I am an avid outdoorsman, using almost any legal hunting method; although, I do prefer using archery equipment, and hunting with both traditional and compound bows. While white tailed deer are what I enjoy to hunt the most I have also hunted black bears, sika deer, and mule deer.

When hunting from the Aero, I typically look for smaller trees about 6 to 10 inches in diameter, that are relatively straight and in a small cluster of trees with about 2 or 3 trees within 4 or 5 feet of each other. My current climbing setup is four Muddy pro climbing sticks and my current platform is a prototype I am testing from ODIN hunting products.

Saddle hunting allows me to be mobile and comfortable while hunting. The Aero offers adjustability unlike any other saddle on the market. This allows the individual user to adjust the saddle to their hunting style and personal preference. In addition, the Aero is an extremely light weight and packable system.

As a Pro Staff member of Aero Hunter, I will answer any questions that someone might have via video posts, via posts on forums, through email at, and over the phone. In addition, I will continue to help create instructional videos and offer up tips that I have learned though my experiences and share tips learned from other Aero hunters. Furthermore, I will continue to promote the Aero style of hunting through various media outlets like my YouTube Channel, as well as posting on forums that include: ArcheryTalk, Saddlehunter, Bowsite, Tradgang, ArcheryAddix. Also, I will continue to submit tips, techniques, and hunting reports to my blog that is hosted on

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