About Aero Hunter

The Aero Hunter company was founded in 2013 by the tree climbing specialists at New Tribe, Inc. in Grants Pass, Oregon. New Tribe started out in 1984 creating tree climbing equipment for ourselves with built-in safety, comfort, light weight and beautiful construction. Over the years, we have developed our line of tree climbing safety products for recreational climbing, professional tree care work, and even zipline riding.

When hunters contacted us about creating a tree saddle for hunting, it was a natural fit. The hunters provided the insight we needed to combine with our knowledge of safety techniques and equipment design. Working closely with experienced hunters familiar with the tree saddle hunting style, the first Aero Hunter tree hunting system was born in 2013. The next year, with continuing input from the hunting community, we developed the Aero Hunter Evolution model that surpassed the original and enjoyed immediate success.

As Aero Hunter grows, we are constantly improving our work with input from our hunter friends. We now have a Pro Staff of respected hunters who keep the lines of communication strong between Aero Hunter and the greater hunting community.

All of us on the Aero Hunter team work to bring you quality products and personal service. We proudly offer a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the fit, function and workmanship of your purchase. Thank you for choosing Aero Hunter tree hunting equipment. May your tree hunting be safe, comfortable and successful!


Our purpose is to design and build the highest quality, innovative vertical gear and accessories, to assist you to choose yours and use it safely, and to conduct our business with integrity.


  • Aero Hunter specializes in tree hunter safety, comfort and success. You take your hunting equipment seriously, and so do we.
  • We build our tree hunting gear to last. The investment you make in Aero Hunter gear now can bring you many years of tree hunting pleasure without repeated expense.
  • We provide supreme customer service. We are available to help you learn what you want to know about Aero Hunter gear and how to use it, before and after you buy from us.
  • We are experienced users of tree climbing equipment. We understand the safety and comfort needs of anyone who ascends a tree, and this shows up in our products and service.
  • Aero Hunter products are Made in USA by workers earning a family wage. Everywhere possible, we choose Made in USA for the materials that go into our manufactured goods.
  • The quality of workmanship in Aero Hunter products is held to strict standards for durability and life-safety.
  • Your purchase of any item from the Aero Hunter catalog is protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a one year warranty on materials and workmanship.