I both hunt and climb trees. Is there one saddle that works for both?

Although a tree climbing saddle will work for hunting safety, it is not ideal for comfort on long waits the way Aero Hunter is.

A tree climbing saddle is a sit harness designed for climbing on rope. It consists of a waist belt and leg straps. The climber’s weight is supported by hanging upright as if he were sitting in a playground swing. But a tree climber does not spend much time waiting in silence–the saddle also needs to secure the climber’s waist and legs to allow for both support and freedom of movement when actively climbing, descending, and reaching within a tree.

By comparison, hunters tend to spend time leaning back into a hunting saddle, tethered to the trunk above, with feet or knees braced against the tree. The best design for long hours of comfort in that case is a sling to lean back in, not a sit harness. That’s why we make Aero Hunter more like a sling than a seat, for comfort and support the way most hunters will use it. Aero does support the hunter’s waist, seat and legs for safety and movement on the tree, but it is specialized support that provides for long hours of ease that hunters need.