Aero Hunter Advantages, by John Eberhart

The Aero Hunter Evolution is not another me-too product, it will totally change the way you hunt and dramatically increase your opportunities.

“The Aero Hunter is not another me-too product, it will totally change the way you hunt and dramatically increase your opportunities.”

  • The harness style hunting system is simple and the concept has been used by arborists for years.
  • You sit (with knees bent as in a regular sitting position) in an adjustable, comfortable fabric seat while facing the tree, to which you are securely fastened.
  • Your feet rest on tree-steps spaced around the tree, all at the same level.
  • To shoot, you straighten your legs, which will automatically move your upper body farther from the tree and then lean slightly back to take the shot.
  • You can move around the tree as needed on the additional steps so there are no missed shot opportunities as there are with any conventional stand.

Advantages over conventional hang-on stands, climbers, and ladder stands during hunting set-up

The entire unit is made of fabric so there is no noise associated with set-up, very important when hunting near where deer bed.

No clanky dead weight to pull up the tree as with hang-on stands.

Large and small diameter trees are now open to hunting whereas with conventional stands, trees must be a specific size to accommodate them.

Unlike using a climber, the tree doesn’t have to be devoid of branches in order to use it. Branches and crotches can actually be used as steps and concealment cover.

Trees can lean up to 15 degrees and still be hunted from comfortably.

Basically it boils down to finding a good hunting location and making the best tree work. No more having to search for and set up in a tree suitable for the stand, often putting you out of range of some of the sign the area has to offer.

Fear of set up will slowly go away, because you are always tethered to the tree with a safety harness.

The harness system can also double as a safety harness system for preparing new locations while scouting.

Other Advantages:

Weighs about four pounds and easily fits in a backpack.

No noisy cumbersome stand to carry when scouting or going in to hunt a new location.

Example: Ever wondered why TV commercials and video endorsements show hunters walking down clean 2-tracks or through open areas with their stands on their backs and never through brushy areas?

Simple answer: With a large framed cumbersome hang-on stand or climber on their back along with a bow and a backpack, they couldn’t traverse through brush very well. Not the case with a harness style system that fits in your pack.

No metal creaking noise at crunch time when you have to adjust your weight.

No noise associated with snow or ice build-up on metal platforms.

You get 360° shooting mobility around every tree. Let’s face it, you never know where a big buck might come in from during the rut and you simply can’t get 360 degree mobility with conventional stands.

You can keep the tree between you and deer you want to pass on, eliminating your silhouette. You can also hide behind the tree until you want to shoot and then simply peek to the side for the shot.

You can prepare as many trees as you consider necessary while owning only one Aero Hunter Evolution harness. Since it is always with you, you simply hunt the trees where the sign is hot.

Rotating sites using the same harness increases your element of surprise, and decreases contamination of sites. Just imagine having multiple trees with hang on stands in each, the cost of stands alone would be astronomical.

Never worry about stolen stands again because the harness is always with you. In pressured areas theft is a major issue.

Other hunters can’t hunt your stand because again, it is always with you.

It’s comfortable to sit all day during the rut phases which is when most mature bucks are taken. It’s sort of like sitting in a hammock-style seat.

Like any new concept you may try, it will seem a bit awkward at first because you are facing the tree.

To resolve any feeling of awkwardness, set up a tree to practice from in your yard by placing steps around the tree, all at about 18 inches off the ground. Practice prior to season and within a few practice sessions you will have the proper seat adjustments figured out, as well as how to move around the tree and get off shots.

The Aero Hunter is not another me-too product, it will totally change the way you hunt and dramatically increase your opportunities.