THE KESTREL FLEX incorporates ideas from our customers’ ultimate saddle wish list. It literally transforms and expands, leading the field in tree saddle comfort with its deep pleated seat.

The Kestrel Flex is now easier and safer to use. When working with your saddle in low light conditions, the tie-in points on the Kestrel Flex are quick and sure to find. We moved the loops for the lineman’s belt attachment far forward to where you can physically see them. They are lined with red webbing and marked with reflective tracer threads that glow in low light conditions. We added the same reflective lining to the saddle bridge loops.

Choose from two color types to suit your environment and your style—solid Grey, or Broadside Closer camo.

At the Aero Hunter workshop in Oregon, we’re managing “social distance” by setting up our sewing team individually in their homes with sewing machines from our shop. They can pick up a bin of parts curbside from our workshop, assemble them at home, then deliver finished goods back to us. This way, we can process orders for shipping as usual, while keeping our staff working from a safe distance.


If you order today, please be prepared to wait 3-4 weeks for shipping. We always have saddles in the works, but if your choice is sold out at the moment you order, it will be listed in the Aero Hunter store as “Pre-Order.” Read about our Pre-Order Policy here.

Placing an order will secure your place in line for shipment, and you’ll get yours on a first-come, first-served basis. Soon after you order we will email you with our best estimate of your shipping date. Thanks for your patience, and for your confidence in Aero Hunter!

You could be one of the many hunters turning to a tree saddle instead of using a tree stand. Suspended in an Aero Hunter saddle, it is possible to perch more naturally in a tree, like a hawk, unnoticed by wildlife below.

You can face the tree trunk, concealing your presence, yet move about freely and quietly at hunting height. Your mobility and line of sight extend 360° around the tree, ready for game to approach from any direction.

And as you wait for your shot, you can quietly shift your position as needed for hours of sustained comfort.

No tree stand can pack down smaller than the size of a half gallon jug and weigh under 5 pounds, like the Aero Hunter setup does. And that weight includes the saddle, lineman’s belt, tree strap and back band. The Kestrel saddle alone weighs only 2 lbs 14 oz.

You don’t even have to carry it to your hunting tree, you can wear the Aero saddle and walk any distance hardly knowing you have it on.

All this, plus safety that is not possible in a tree stand: you cannot fall from a properly used Aero Hunter tree saddle.