Harness the Hunt

The REVOLUTION Harness is here

As saddle hunting technology evolves, we’re seeing more hunters using rope-and-harness tree climbing techniques to scale the tree. This is our specialty!

REVOLUTION is a new hunting saddle that doubles as a tree climbing harness with all safety, mobility and comfort features rolled into one for your hunting success. It can upgrade your hunt whether or not you do rope climbing.

Available for preorder now.

We have the first production run underway and expect to ship in about 3 weeks. If you preorder now, you’ll save a place in line for the earliest shipping.


First there was Kestrel, Kite and Merlin, powerful birds of prey.

Here is SHRIKE, the Butcher Bird

The latest sling-style Aero Hunter saddle is Shrike, named after the predatory little songbird that’s as fierce as any raptor.  Like a saddle hunter, the shrike waits for prey from a high perch. Then it strikes with a killing bite to the neck. Lacking strong talons to feed like a raptor, a shrike will impale its meal on a barb or thorn, then tear it to pieces.

The shrike shows how ingenuity can help even a small hunter become a successful one. Like the shrike, Aero Hunter brings new ideas to saddle design that will boost your hunting success.


 In addition to the two standard adult sizes, Shrike comes in a third size as well, for smaller adults, and for kids who are ready to hunt.