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Basic Treeboat Hammock

Basic Treeboat Hammock
Basic Treeboat Hammock Basic Treeboat Hammock
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Price: $319.00

This is the original Treeboat size, 78" long. For a Treeboat with a longer deck, see our Treeboat Hideaway Hammock.

This rugged portable bed is 6'6" long, and 30" wide, and made of tough nylon canvas renowned for its abrasion resistance. The lines are 4000 lb. test 1" tubular nylon webbing running full length along both sides of the boat, ending with a stainless steel buckle at each corner. It comes with 35 more feet of webbing, in 15- and 20-foot lengths, for infinite rigging possibilities. The four buckles are 500 lb. proof load stainless steel. They are easy to adjust and eliminate knot-tying during set up.

Each corner bears a 2500 lb. test rolled aluminum ring that helps to stop rain water from wicking down the lines; the rings are also handy attachment points for the creative rigging sometimes needed in tree-top hammocking.

The slip-in battens at each end are lightweight fiberglass-epoxy composite, to brace Treeboat out to its full width.

All these features add up to a hammock that won't tip or sway, won't clamp shut around you, is stable, strong and roomy enough for two people to share (for lounging; sleeping is usually best with one person per hammock). Treeboat opens up a world of possibilities for creative placement at ground level and high in the trees, in all kinds of weather.


  • STURDY and STRONG: Made of tough nylon canvas known for its strength and abrasion resistance, with 4000 lb nylon webbing lines and stainless steel buckles
  • STABLE: Suspended from four corners, not just two ends like other hammocks
  • VERSATILE: Can tie to 2, 3 or 4 supports, with corner rings for additional creative rigging
  • WARM: You can add our optional Treeboat Cozy insulation that envelops the outside of the hammock to trap your body heat
  • ROOMY: 78" long and 30" wide, braced open at each end with sturdy lightweight battens.
  • EASY: Sets up using webbing straps with buckles that are easy to adjust. No knots to tie.


Comes complete with stuff sack.
Color olive green.

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