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Books and Videos

Here you can order a DVD copy of the Aero Hunter Evolution User Guide. You'll also find a DVD and a selection of books about tree climbing techniques and knots. 

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Book: Knots at Work
This book is well named. It is far more than a catalog of knots and how to tie them. It is a systema..

Book: Recreational Tree Climbing
Unlike manuals written for commercial arborists, this book by our friend Dick Flowers assumes you ar..

Book: Tree Climber's Companion
Here is a text that outlines the basic techniques of safe tree climbing. Arborist and climbing instr..

Video: Aero Hunter Evolution User Guide
Aero Hunter pro staffer Bobby Boswell shows you how to put on and use the Aero Hunter Evolution syst..

Video: Tree Climbing Basics
This movie is invaluable as an introduction to Doubled Rope Technique, and as a refresher for studen..