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Treeboat Hammocks

Who says you have to rough it outdoors?
Imagine relaxing in natural surroundings, with a friend or on your own, in outdoor furniture that rivals the comfort of your favorite sofa Imagine staying outside as long as you wish, blending in with the natural scene, merging with the wild and feeling right at home. Imagine this anywhere, even high in the crown of a tree.

Treeboat Hammocks are sturdy, stable and versatile, allowing you to make yourself at home outdoors in a surprising variety of ways. It is the only hammock made for setting up anywhere, even high in the crown of a tree.

Hunters are outdoors people. This hammock lets you make the most of your outdoor time. Designed and made by New Tribe, the creators of Aero Hunter.

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Basic Treeboat Hammock
This is the original Treeboat size, 78" long. For a Treeboat with a longer deck, see our Treebo..

Tree Frog Canopy Seat
With the Tree Frog you can quickly make a comfortable seat high in a tree, between branches. It is a..

Treeboat Hideaway Hammock
This is the longer size Treeboat, with a 90" deck. If you are interested in the original 78" size, p..