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Aero Hunter Evolution

Aero Hunter Evolution

PLEASE NOTE: Aero Hunter Evolution is in production now, and the demand is high. Please allow at least two weeks lead time before we ship your order. We realize this delay may impact your ability to use the Aero system during this year's season. We appreciate your patience and assure you, Aero Hunter is definitely worth the wait!


The Aero Hunter Evolution tree hunting system allows a hunter to suspend safely from a tree strap on the trunk, wearing a super lightweight and comfortable tree saddle ideal for long hours of sitting. Aero Hunter provides a hunting safety setup that replaces both a tree stand and a full body harness. 

The Aero Hunter system is designed to let you freely move about on the tree. From one tie-in point, you can move up or down, side to side, and control distance from the trunk for stability and maneuvering. 

The idea of hunting from a tree saddle is not new. But unlike any tree saddle that came before, the Aero saddle design is comfortable and surprisingly lightweight and compressible. The sling seat is contoured to the shape of your backside, so you can sit in it for hours in comfort. The leg straps are improved with foam padding for your thighs. The whole saddle is adjustableóthe belt, sling and leg straps are independently adjustable so you can customize the settings to balance your weight for a great fit, and hours of comfort on the hunt.

The Aero Hunter system includes the Aero saddle, a lineman's belt, a tree strap, two carabiners for connecting, three climbing hitches for adjustability, and a carry bag. Complete, it weighs only 6 lbs.

All of the components of the system can be purchased separately, so if you already own some of the components, you can buy just what you need and avoid duplication and unnecessary cost.

IMPORTANT:YOU WILL NEED a method or device that gives you a foothold on the trunk for ascending the tree. You may also want a base or foot rest for your feet once you reach hunting height. These are NOT included in the Aero system. There are many types available, such as climbing sticks or screw-in/strap-on tree steps. Learn more about these and what experienced tree hunters are using, by visiting the hunting forums online. You can also check with your favorite hunting supplier for more information.

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